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How I spend my summer vacation…

I realize most of my students would understandably consider I am in a plastic, encased pod over the summer weeks, being as I must be an alien. No, I am only human, earthlings. Did you ever wonder what teachers did over summer break? Do they just play all summer, crafting new and better ways to harass students during the school year? Well, we spend our time in a variety of ways. Right now I’m in the middle of a writers’ workshop group with other teachers, from fifth grade to college. It’s pretty cool. And, I watch movies, read a lot of books, and, oh, yeah…try to clean up my teacher clutter. I love to plan and create really cool lessons that will be interesting, and it takes a lot of mental work. My books are like my paints, and my computer like my blank canvas, and I’m trying to create a masterpiece or two before school starts again. Oh, and by the way, that will be August 31. See you then!

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I am…

Last year, one of the first things we did were “I Am” poems. All of you did a fantastic job; the poems were heartfelt, funny, real, and creative. If you’re looking for something to do this summer, try your hand at writing another one, or even mixing up characters or people you know.

The format goes something like this:


I am (two special characteristics you have, you are)

I wonder

I hear

I see

I want

I am (repeat the first line or alter it slightly)

I pretend

I feel

I touch

I worry

I cry

I am (repeat)

I understand

I say

I dream

I try

I hope

I am (repeat)


Here’s one I wrote today:

I am sweet and sour

I wonder if I will ever be able to save

I hear a telephone ringing

I see the mess and chaos of creativity

I want to get it all done

I am sweet and sour


I pretend I’m in control

I feel the tide coming in

I touch my sore back

I cry when I’m frustrated

I am sweet and sour


I understand I need to be more patient

I say patience is overrated

I dream of school bells and noise

I try to breathe

I hope my sword stays sharp

I am sweet and sour