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The saddest day.

On September 11, 2001, the United States experienced horrific terrorist attacks on its soil, against its citizens.

There are events in history that are so jolting, so frozen, that when you ask someone who may have been old enough to remember, “what were you doing when that happened?” you will see someone darken, a shadow will cross over their face, perhaps their smile will slack and eyes look away somewhere, like they’re seeing a ghost.

Since something like that had never happened before on U.S. soil, at least of that magnitude, no one knew what to do. I had a total stunned catatonic meltdown. I just stared at the TV, and felt the world had been flipped inside-out. It had.

I am sure that the families and friends of those who were murdered that day are not whole. They are forever sad. I don’t know what’s been solved, who paid for the crimes, or if justice was served.

Remember the good spirits of light, and that energy and matter is never lost or destroyed. And never forget.

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Not write now.

Lady of Justice, Dublin
Lady of Justice, Dublin

Before, during, and after last night’s meeting with the Kent School District teachers, I have thought, meditated, wished, weighed and measured all aspects of this situation, and I’m not totally ready to write about all of it, not quite yet. I should let my thoughts simmer a bit more, not react, over or under, and collect my points.

But I will bear witness on how painful it was. To see so many parents, children, teachers from other districts cheering us all on, not caring what our opinion may be, who we were, or what quality of teacher we may or may not be. We could have been the worst teacher ever-sarcastic, lazy, not interested in our students or ourselves as professionals. They didn’t care if we were National Board certified uber-teachers with umpteen hours of extra time spent away from families and other duties. They clapped nonetheless.

And if truth be known, the majority of teachers in the Kent School district are uber-teachers. They are among the best and the brightest; hard-working, dedicated, moral and conscientious citizens. They did not come to any conclusion or decision lightly; and, I would guess the majority of them have never had to face a legal or ethical dilemma of this potential magnitude before.

Whatever you believe, think happy thoughts for all of us, no matter what. We seek guidance and support. Know that none of us reaches decisions lightly, or frivolously. We’re teachers, after all. That means we’re learners, thinkers, reflectors, and dreamers. We seek to inspire children, and motivate them to be the best citizens and critical thinkers in a difficult and dangerous world.



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Silent treatment.

Silent_Moon_by_o_BlueMoon_o What if you want to talk to someone, but they’re far away, or maybe not even around anymore? What if you don’t know what to say? What if you know they can’t or won’t talk back to you?

I imagine a conversation between this tree and the moon – what do you think they would say?

(Okay- I’m being sneaky. See how easy that was? I love to look at images and just let my mind take over, and write. But what if you can’t think of ANYTHING to WRITE ABOUT and you are FORCED TO and you want to SCREAM because your mind is as silent and blank as the moon? Check this out: Ralph Fletcher’s Writing Website. )