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Antagonistically yours.



It’s not easy being the bad guy all the time. So misunderstood, so maligned! Why can’t the public see me for who I really am? Just little ol’ me, trying to get by in the cold, cold world? Whether it’s my slithery tentacles or sharp, forked tongue, a clawing, gleaming hook, or perhaps an ambitious quest to be the king or queen –these protagonists simply get in the way! With the glass slipper-fitting, apple-prince-charming-kissing-hakuna-matata-singing ya-hoos, they are simply too gooey sweet to believe! Pardon me while I go rinse out my mouth from the bitter taste of evil and bile…

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One thought on “Antagonistically yours.

  1. I love this post! I often feel that I can relate better to villains or to anti-heroes. We’re all broken. We’re all a little off.

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