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Joe v. Volcano

joe v volcano“Joe Versus the Volcano” (1990) stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks plays Joe Banks, a hypochondriac (someone who thinks they’re sick all the time when they’re not), who ends up making a deal – the trip of the lifetime, with only one catch: it will kill him. Through his journey he goes through the transformation of the inner-hero.

It is one of my and my husband’s favorite movies.

What made me think about it again were two things: 1. Volcanoes in Iceland have sent plumes of ash into the atmosphere, trailing to the skies over Europe, stranding thousands of passengers. 2. There was a guy named Joe. V at Trader Joe’s today who was funny.

Now, I think about all of that ash, and how Earth still gets her way from time to time. I guess I shouldn’t personify Earth–it’s not some personality or character who has machinations on how to hurt humans,


killing them at worst or inconveniencing them at least.  Or should I?

In our techno-quests, did we forget the organic?

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3 thoughts on “Joe v. Volcano

  1. John and Paul – I think we should all watched Joe v. Volcano again. And get rid of our “brain clouds.”
    –Cheers! Kelly

  2. It’s easy to think that we can overcome nature. Industrial society does it, in a sense, 99% of the time. It’s that small percentage of the time when mother nature kicks our butt that we realize that we are still subject to her whims.

  3. Cool to see the connections people make. I had totally forgotten about that movie. It’s been forever since I watched it.

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