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Cart, meet Horse.


What are your top ten teacher/education books? My purpose is to curate a list for my student teacher. I’ve given her my extra copy of Notice and Note, and have more that are my go-to’s. I am curious as to what are others–those tomes and scrolls that continue to serve and support.

The thing about education books is they’re a lot like baby/parenting books. You don’t know what you don’t know, yet they’re reassuring or anxiety creating, depending–when you read them before beginning a teaching career, they can help or hurt. The trick is to look at them again in times of need, reflection, and try not to panic.

Here are my current top-ten, not in any order:

What If? Randall/Munroe

Understanding By Design

Reading Strategies

The Book Whisperer

In the Best Interest of Students

Image Grammar

The Writing Thief

Teaching Reading in the Middle

When Kids Can’t Read

Academic Moves

Let me know what you think: what books can’t you live without?

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