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Silent treatment.

Silent_Moon_by_o_BlueMoon_o What if you want to talk to someone, but they’re far away, or maybe not even around anymore? What if you don’t know what to say? What if you know they can’t or won’t talk back to you?

I imagine a conversation between this tree and the moon – what do you think they would say?

(Okay- I’m being sneaky. See how easy that was? I love to look at images and just let my mind take over, and write. But what if you can’t think of ANYTHING to WRITE ABOUT and you are FORCED TO and you want to SCREAM because your mind is as silent and blank as the moon? Check this out: Ralph Fletcher’s Writing Website. )

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Got Imagination?

 You know me. I like to be creative. Think. Make art. Write. Read. I really appreciate what Keri Smith put together in her book about exploration.

For example, on page 144-145, she writes:

Thought Experiments: Einstein used “thought experiments” (questions that can only be solved using imagination), on a regular basis. He actually formulated the special theory of relativity by asking the question, ‘what would it be like to travel on a beam of light?’ It is interesting to conduct these thought experiments in the midst of everyday life.

Some thought experiment starters:

  • what if all my neighbors had secret lives?
  • what if the newspaper held all the secrets of the universe in some kind of code?
  • what if all leaves had secret messages embedded on them?
  • what if little elves lived on the roof and only came out at night?
  • what if my house were a playgroun? a blank canvas? had secret powers?


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