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Month of May Mothers: Money

VintagePocketbookWhat is it with moms and money? These are all generalizations, of course, but gee, can we stretch a buck like nobody’s business. When we’ve been flush with the green prosperity of payday, or flushed down the money pit, there always seems to be ¬†just enough. Old quotes, such as “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.¬† ~Author Unknown” are sweet, but with most mothers pulling double-or triple-duty as parents, providers, and popsicle supplier, most moms don’t have time to notice there’s no money, or time to get another photograph taken.

If I dig deep, real deep, in my purse, I can always find some Mary Poppins-esque miracle. A piece of gum. A few quarters. Or a bandage. Digging deeper still, a checkbook that’ll cover a night’s pizza fest, or a credit card that’s been paid off. We can get to where we need to go. I’ve got it covered.